With your business focus in mind, our analysis and research results are summarized and presented with a design solution that best fits your business. We provide you the de facto recommendation which is a full redundant network infrastructure including network management and maintenance plan.

We design networks with complete safety, security and the flexibility to suit your future business changes largely. Our integrated IT solutions help in smooth workflow, reduced cost and better customer service. While working on Secure Network Design projects, we follow best practices more or less uniformly to all areas of the design.

As a customer you will migrate through the Lifecycle Services process leading up to a full understanding of your business and technological requirements. Whatever is your IT network support need; we can customize the solution and support you at every stage of the process.

We suggest and recommend the required services, equipments and licenses. The recommendation is made according to various constraints, including but not limited to the implementation time, expected budgetary, existing equipments etc., predefined by the owner of the network.

Facts Considered

  • Physical security issues
  • Layer 2 security considerations
  • IP addressing design considerations
  • ICMP design considerations
  • Routing considerations
  • Transport protocol design considerations
  • DoS design considerations, etc.


  • Low Level Design Template
  • Core IP Network Layout
  • Devices Recommendation, etc.