We have maintained various licenses not only to provide training and certifications, but the design, sales and support solutions of various international vendors.

Cisco Premier Certified Partner

As the highest Cisco partner status in Nepal, IID has the best resources and tools that ensure you to get maximum benefit including but not limited to:

  • 8x5 Customer Service
  • Pre-sales support
  • Post-sales support

Further, you can get the following products and services:

  • Products of Cisco including but not limited to Routers, Switches, Security Appliances, etc.
  • 24x7x4 Support

We are also proud to have the best Cisco support lab in the country. Besides, as a Premier Partner, we benefit from an increased level of support from Cisco, including access to best-in-class products and services, technical support, productivity tools and online training. This level of expertise and support finally benefits you, as our customer.

In addition to the Express Foundation, we are the only to meet the requirements of SMB Specialization and Global Resale Agent.

Juniper JPartner

IID: Juniper JPartnerBeing a Juniper Networks' JPartner we can now transform the business of networking by creating competitive advantage for our customers with the most sophisticated networking and security solutions in the industry.

With an intense knowledgebase shared by Juniper to its Partners, we benefit from the access to appropriate resources to help address our customers’ toughest networking and security challenges.

All Invaluable Partners

Besides the aforementioned one, we have partnered with other vendors as well. The following enlists all our partners:

Cisco Premier Certified Partner

Juniper JPartner


VMWare Solution Provider

IBM Business Partner

Red Hat Ready Solution Provider

Microsoft Registered Partner

Prometric Testing Center